You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 72

YCKTML Chapter 72


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I should have changed my clothes too.’

I thought it would be a simple meal, but a dinner setting was on the long table. Enoch and I sat at either end, and the attendants carried food and placed it on the plate in front of me.

It was clear that the chefs of the Imperial Palace were excellent, and everything they brought was delicious enough to melt in my mouth.

Enoch waited until I was somewhat full before speaking. “Does it suit your taste?”

“Yes, the Imperial cuisine is different. The duchy is no match… Ah, ahem, ahem. Yes, it’s delicious. It would be really fun to eat something like this every day.”

I wasn’t a picky eater, but the food I ate when I came to this world was always the same. Occasionally, there were some delicious things, but I didn’t feel like eating them all the time.

It was the first time I had tasted this kind of food here.

Enoch suddenly responded with a bright smile, “You can eat it every day if the Count wishes it.”

I wasn’t a fool; I understood what he meant by that.


With an awkward smile, I pointed out the food I wanted to the attendant. It was really delicious. If someone saw me, they might think I didn’t eat well.

“Well, Your Highness. I have something to tell you.” Enoch nodded lightly, and I continued, “Actually, I made a promise to Billy Gordon a while ago when we signed the contract.”

I hesitated if I could tell Enoch about the contract behind it, but in any case, Enoch helped me with my divorce, so he would probably also help and not interfere.

“I received money on the condition that I’d open the door for his mercantile relationship with the Imperial family.”

“…Ah yes. That’s right.”

I thought he would be surprised if he heard it, but Enoch only hesitated for a bit before answering. It was a little strange, but I continued to explain.

“But he made a suggestion. He will get me two-thirds of the amount and will only give the rest on the condition that he will meet the person in charge of the Imperial Palace matters.”

“If it is the person in charge of the Imperial Palace.”

“There must be a person in charge who decides on companies to use for Imperial Palace goods. I never promised he’d get the deal, just that he could meet the person. Do you happen to know who…?”

“Um, that.” Enoch put his fork and knife aside, rubbing his chin for a moment, deep in thought.

“Is it a secret? Then…”

“No, it’s not that. Rather, it’s because it’s much higher than you think. Since a lot of interest is involved, it is directly related to the livelihood of the Imperial Palace.”


Of course. The items of the Imperial family were often quite expensive, and the amount of money used must be considerable. 


“Is it from the Ministry of Finance, perhaps?”

“No. The Ministry of Finance allocates a budget for the Imperial Palace, but is not involved in its use.”

“Then, who?”

“Since it involves the household matters of the Imperial Palace…” Enoch smiled meaningfully as he trailed off. I scoured for hints in his expression and words, and then a man came to mind.

“Her Majesty… the Empress?”

“Um, yes, that’s right.”

I covered my mouth with my hand. What was I thinking when I told Billy Gordon I’d pave the way for him?

“Once we sign a contract with a company, it stays there for quite some time. In addition, factors such as taste must be matched. So he sees and decides the contract.”

“Ah… is that… so.”

I saw the four billion gold flying in front of my eyes. How would I even get Billy Gordon to meet His Majesty?

“I suppose it’s impossible.”

When I gave up with a sigh, a puzzled Enoch asked, “Are you going to give up?”

“Then what should I do? Even I may not be able to meet Her Majesty the Empress right now… He’s a merchant… Moreover, a commoner.”

I somehow understood why Billy Gordon was unable to penetrate the Imperial Palace despite all his efforts.

Enoch shrugged and pointed his finger at himself. “The Count has me, doesn’t she? Why not use me?”

“U-use Your Highness, the Crown Prince…”


Of course, it wasn’t that I didn’t think about it and I wouldn’t use him… But it’s quite flustering that he mentioned it directly.

“It’s okay, you can use me. Since I was born as the Crown prince, shouldn’t I give you this kind of help?” He smiled. 

I licked my lips, pretending to think about it for a while, then spoke carefully, “Would… Would it be possible?”

He told me to use him, but he didn’t answer my questions easily. He looked around as if thinking about something, and answered slowly, “I can get you to meet me, but…”

“It’s up to Her Majesty whether she’ll see Billy Gordon or not.”

“That’s right. Her Majesty the Empress is a little… She has a unique personality.”

“I see.”

Even if Enoch could get me to meet her, it would still be difficult for me. I thought about it, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to speak properly because I’d just freeze.

Besides, he said that his mother had a unique personality, so why would he say something like that?

“I think it will take some time.”

“It’s not urgent. That person won’t even notice.”

I haven’t said it yet, but Enoch seemed to have a guess on how much I was paid and what I was going to spend the money on.

“Did you talk to Billy Gordon separately?”


“Ah, well, it doesn’t matter that you talked. Of course, you would.”

More than that, I was curious if he had told my story. I was about to ask, but Enoch suddenly changed the subject.

“Didn’t you ask me to help you with an escort knight last time?”

“Ah, I did.”

“Would you prefer someone who might be an acquaintance…?”

He had asked something that seemed so obvious, but I tilted my head and asked, “…I guess? But do I know anyone who could do such a thing?”

However, without answering my questions, Enoch frowned and muttered to himself, “I see… As expected.”


“Who is it?”

“Let me check first.”

“Um, okay…”

It seemed that Enoch was more concerned about that part than I thought. Honestly, I forgot about it even though I asked for it, perhaps because I had been staying in the palace all this time.

In any case, I decided to leave that part to Enoch entirely. I was concerned about Her Majesty, and I was preoccupied with what I had to do right now.

Once I get the eight billion, I wouldn’t have to hesitate. I would have to file for divorce then.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

A young, brown-haired man greeted Enoch bravely. Enoch nodded his head once and offered him a seat.

The young man looked to his left and right awkwardly before sitting on the sofa.

“For what reason… Did you call for me? Moreover, here…”

This was the exclusive room for the VIPs on the side of the Imperial Library. There was a desk and chair for reading, some refreshments, and a sofa for socializing.

If Enoch told him to meet at the Imperial Outer Palace, they might run into Erin, so he set the appointment place here.

Enoch was a little annoyed when he told him to sit down. No, he thought he was annoyed since before that. He had been thinking about it all along. 

But this was the first person that came to mind when Erin mentioned the terms. He couldn’t think of anyone else.

And even if someone replaced him, it was impossible to know if the same thing would happen again because of Erin’s beauty.

“Count Damon Rosen. I called for you because I had something to ask.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Please ask.” Damon’s eyes twinkled, showing how young of a knight he was. When Enoch saw him at the hunting grounds last time, Damon’s movements were light and his swordsmanship good.


“Aren’t you going to get married?” Enoch himself was started by the question that came out of his mouth, but he pretended to keep his composure. He hadn’t meant to ask such a question.

Damon blinked, and answered after a while, “Uh, yes. I have to, but since my parents aren’t here, I think I can decide slowly.”

Enoch didn’t respond to his words. Count Rosen, much like Count Spilet, inherited his title at a young age because his parents had died.

“Hmm, I asked a silly question.”

“No, ah! Maybe the Crown Prince is going to arrange a marriage for me…?”

“No, no. I didn’t mean it that way,” Enoch said, waving his hand in denial. He didn’t want to leave any room for a relationship with this guy and Erin.

So, Enoch hesitated. It wasn’t uncommon for someone of the same status to serve as their escort, but it was rare.

If a person had a title, he would usually go to war to make a contribution or join the Imperial Knights to secure a solid position.


“You don’t have an official position yet. Are you not going to go out to work?”

“Hmm, I am busy just managing the chaotic estate now…”

“You seem to hate the military.”

When Enoch pointed it out, Damon answered with an awkward smile, “Well, actually, there’s that. I might not be suited for it.”

“I have an offer for you.”

“As I said before, the Imperial Knights… The rules… ”

“No, this is a private escort.”

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