We Spent the First Night Again Chapter 1

WSTFNA Chapter 1


As she alighted from the carriage and entered the mansion, Callie remained as solemn as a warrior going to war.

‘Okay, let’s do our best. You can do it. It’s not a big deal.’

Callie bit her lip, lifted the hem of her skirt wrapped around her feet, and took a bold step forward.

“Welcome, Miss Callie. The Marchioness is waiting for you.”

After being guided by the butler into the living room, Grian, with her gray hair gracefully raised, welcomed her.

“Oh, welcome, Callie.”

“Hello, Marchioness,” Callie politely greeted her, then glanced around the living room.

There was no one else except Mrs. Grian.

‘Has he not arrived yet?’

Before Callie could ask, the quick-witted Mrs. Grian explained, “By the way, Callie. I got word that Sir Brandon won’t be able to come today.”

He can’t come?

It was a meeting for the purpose of marriage arranged by the Marchioness.


She couldn’t believe he didn’t show up for such an event without consideration. No matter how terrible his reputation was, shouldn’t he at least have manners befitting a son from a noble family?

“Madam, but I haven’t heard anything about Sir Brandon not coming today?”

“I only heard about it a while ago. He said he wouldn’t be able to come today and to tell you he wished you well.”

That’s a lie.

Callie could tell from the way the Marchioness was fidgeting. 

Callie came here today to be introduced to Brandon Cleart, the eldest son of the emerging Cleart family, who controlled the distribution of the kingdom.

He didn’t show up.

Mrs. Grian comforted the bewildered Callie. “I’ll reschedule the appointment with Brandon later, so for now, have a snack with me today, and let’s chat.”

That can’t happen, Mrs. Grian.

“Marchioness, I cannot go back without meeting Sir Brandon.”

“Oh, my. What should we do?” Mrs. Grian looked troubled.

Callie asked, “Madam, do you know where Sir Brandon is? Just let me know where he is.”

“What are you going to do? Are you thinking of going to him?”

“Yes. It shouldn’t be difficult. I was really looking forward to what kind of person he was. So I’d like to see him for a moment.”

In reality, Callie wanted this marriage for a different reason than her uncle and father on paper, Mr. Matthew, and his wife. 

“Callie, I understand how you feel, but Brandon…”


Brandon was the adoptive son of the Cleart family, who took control of the distribution network of the Irze kingdom and quickly rose to become the wealthiest family in the kingdom.

The Cleart family had a lot of money but no title.

As finances became difficult and the royal power declined, a coup d’état aimed at the throne took place, and Hugo Cleart took advantage of that opportunity to help the royal family with his property.

The King, who increased the number of soldiers with Hugo’s money and suppressed the coup d’état, bestowed a barony on him as thanks.

Was it because he came from a wealthy family?

Brandon Cleart had a terrible reputation.

Even so, he was such a fine character that women jumped like moths to a flame at his laugh or jokes. 

Callie knew the rumors about Brandon but feigned ignorance in front of Mrs. Grian.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this day since Father said there are marriage talks with Sir Brandon.”

“You wanted to meet Brandon that much…”

The nice Mrs. Grian did not doubt Callie’s words in the slightest. She figured Callie was curious about the man she might marry.

“He couldn’t come here because of an emergency, but wouldn’t Sir Brandon be happy if I went to visit him?”

Since Callie’s words sounded plausible, the weak-hearted Mrs. Grian pondered for a while, then made up her mind and called her butler.

“Where did you say you contacted Brandon a while ago?”

The butler immediately gave the needed information, and that’s how Callie found Brandon’s location.

“Thank you, Madam. I’ll have tea with you next time.”

“If you’re going to Brandon right away, prepare the car, Irma.”

“It’s all right, Madam. That’s too much trouble.”

“There’s no need to be shy, Callie. I’m Brandon’s godmother, and I can’t let a girl who might marry Brandon in the future feel uncomfortable.”


 Mrs. Grian finally gave the car to Callie, who initially refused. 

Even for wealthy nobles, it wasn’t easy to give away a car because it was expensive property, but Callie was grateful for the Marchioness’s generosity.

“Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Grian.”

After a while, when Callie left the mansion, the driver, who Mrs. Grian had instructed, was waiting for her.

It was her first car.

Quite a few aristocratic families now had cars, but the Loris family couldn’t afford one.

‘If I marry Sir Brandon, will I be able to enjoy such a rich life?’

It was a spontaneous thought to enjoy good things, but she laughed soon after.

‘I’ll have to see how long we’ll live together after we get married.’

Callie pushed away the thought she had been holding for a while.

Callie went to Brandon and was dumbfounded. 

The garden owned by the Cleart family, as if a Greek temple had been moved, was filled with flowers in full bloom.

White pillars surrounded a chaise lounge, and Brandon sat lazily on it.

Women were around him, all of them dressed in sky-blue dresses that were embarrassing to look at.

Why didn’t he come to the appointment today?

Callie shook her head and thought about it, thinking she’d rather have a guy like this.

This was great. She felt less sorry he had to marry her because he was such an *sshole.

Callie smiled sweetly at the driver who had driven her there and said, “This is enough. Now that I’ve met Sir Brandon, you can go.”

“The Marchioness told me to wait and drive you back home.”


“It’s okay. I’ll ask him to do that.”

Callie gestured toward Brandon, and the driver pondered for a moment whether he could really go, then nodded.

After Mrs. Grian’s driver had gone, Callie walked towards Brandon with a stern look on her face.

The joyful sounds of musical instruments, the incessant laughter of women… Did that man have anything to worry about? Unlike Callie, that man looked like he lived in paradise on earth.

Living his life comfortably.

Tap, tap. Callie took bold steps forward.

Since a stranger appeared in the middle of their fun, Callie thought their eyes would be directed at her.

But it wasn’t.

Not a single one of the women surrounding him, not even Brandon, cared.

It was embarrassing.

The crowd showed no interest in her, so she had no choice but to announce her presence first.

Tightening her abdominal muscles, Callie shouted at them, “Excuse me!”

It was only then that they turned to Callie.

One of the laughing ladies sitting next to Brandon asked, “Brandon, who is that woman?”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen her.”

“Did Brandon call you?”

As each woman said a word, languid eyes turned to Callie.

Brandon Cleart–the proud eldest son of the Cleart family, who became the wealthiest by taking control of the distribution network in Irze.

Seeing a strange woman who suddenly appeared, Brandon languidly gazed at her and said, “I didn’t know there were more people coming.”

Eyes that held bitterness masked in indifference quickly ran from Callie’s head to her toes.

“If you’re here to play, why don’t you come over here instead of standing there like a statue?”

Brandon, not knowing who Callie was, treated her the same way as the girls he was hanging out with.


“I’m Callie Loris.”

She was the person he was supposed to meet today, yet he didn’t remember her name?

Fortunately, however, it wasn’t the case.

“Ah, Lady Loris. We were supposed to meet at the Stuart mansion today.”

“Fortunately, you know my name.”

“I tend not to forget a woman’s name once I hear it.”

“You have a good memory, but don’t you have manners? Seeing that you didn’t even ask for my understanding and didn’t show up as promised.”

“As you can see, this side is more fun, so I can’t get up.”