You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 73

YCKTML Chapter 73


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Damon shut his mouth and tilted his head. Then, he answered, “That–I, my parents died in an accident, and I’m a little in need, but I haven’t run out of money.”

“Right. Then I will understand that you are rejecting it.”

Even though Enoch was rejected, he felt strangely happy. He knew the young knight misunderstood, but he never bothered to correct it.

As Enoch was about to stand up after being so lightly rejected, Damon asked a crucial question.

“Who is it?”


Enoch slowly sat back down.

“Is it someone I know?”



Enoch rested his elbows on the armrests of his sofa and covered his mouth, flustered. He chuckled inwardly, and eventually, he told the truth.

“It’s Count Erin Spilet.”

Damon’s eyes widened, and his expression brightened. Seeing this, Enoch’s mood worsened again.

I sat, idly waving a quill in the air, at the tea table in my room. I didn’t go to the office today.

I had to deal with some important work on my own.

The paper in front of me had the words “Divorce Agreement” written.

The content of the agreement itself was straightforward. All we had to do was agree to the divorce and sign it separately.

But I didn’t think Rupert would sign it happily just because I sent it his way. Anyway, I decided to write down a letter to explain things.

While holding the quill up again, I hesitated as I tapped the paper.

‘A letter is also a letter, but maybe I should return the money first. He paid back 4 billion gold for a year of marriage. If he used it as an excuse and held onto me, it would be a headache.’

Rupert and I had been married for about four months, and in the meantime, nothing special happened. She thought a year was brief, but considering that she was married to that person, it wasn’t short at all.

‘Yes, 4 billion. It’s not worth it.’

The remaining eight months might not be that long, but it felt longer than eight years.

Haa, divorce between nobles is complicated.”

Even if it was a mutual decision, a formal procedure remained. The permission of the Imperial family was required; the consent of the High Court, too.

Of course, it wasn’t because they opposed the divorce because they were conservative. It was just a formality.


‘It will be more complicated if it goes to court.’

Please, please, please don’t go there. How wonderful it would be if Rupert fell in love with Chloe and just divorced me.

Huu, that’s the way it was originally.”

Except for Erin’s death, why wouldn’t Rupert think of abandoning me and getting married?

Anyway, I put the quill on the table and stashed the still empty divorce agreement in the drawer by the bed.

Then I went to the wooden cabinet in the corner of the room, opened the door, and bowed.

When I put my magic stone on the lock, the door of the safe opened with a click—what a convenient system.

Inside the safe was the eight-billion note from Billy Gordon.

I took the envelope in my hand and hid it deep inside my chest. The envelope was also sealed as before.

Unless an assailant kidnapped and searched me, they wouldn’t know what’s in the chest of a noblewoman.

Anyway, I had to convert this to cash now.

I wore my coat over my dress. I was terrified because I had a large amount on me, so I tried to go there by myself quickly.

Fortunately, there was a bank right across the road in front of the Imperial Palace, and it was within easy walking distance.

Lia saw me leaving the door and followed quickly. “Madam, where are you going?”

“Ah, Lia. Just going out for a moment.”

For some reason, I couldn’t be honest with her.

“Wait, where? Madam, please take at least one knight with you. I’ll make a request to the Imperial Palace…”

“No, it takes time to put a request in. I’m not on official duty, I’m going somewhere really close.”

“Nevertheless, Madam.”

When I still refused, Lia paused for a while and said she would accompany me. In the end, I had no choice but to take her with me.

We passed through the gates of the outer palace and stepped out of the castle gates surrounded by high fences. It was still early in the morning, so the streets were quiet.

I was about to go straight to the bank right across the street, but Lia suddenly pulled me from behind.

And a carriage passed in front of me. If Lia didn’t pull me back, I would have been hit by it.


“Madam! Please look before you cross.”

“Ah, right. Thank you.”

I wanted to hurry, so I guess I rushed on without realizing it. I slowly looked left and right before crossing the wide road. Lia followed.

“Ah… Mph!”

When I was almost on the other side of the road, I heard a short scream. I looked back in surprise, but my vision was suddenly blocked, and I soon felt a great deal of drowsiness. I was knocked out then.

Eventually, I regained consciousness.

My vision was still dark, and I felt vibrations throughout my body. Perhaps I was inside a moving carriage.

My hands and feet were tied, and my eyes blindfolded.

“…mph.” I tried to make a sound, but my mouth was also gagged with a cloth.

I was in this situation, but I was more concerned about the envelope I had hidden in my chest. My eight billion, would it be stolen? I didn’t expect my dream to come true.

Was Lia okay? I couldn’t see, and the carriage wheels drowned out my voice, so I couldn’t feel her presence. 

A while later, the carriage stopped moving all of a sudden. I heard the sound of the carriage’s door opening, and I was lifted and carried on someone’s shoulder.

I relaxed my whole body and pretended to be asleep. It kind of felt like I had to.

Where is this place? Who kidnapped me? Did they only mean to rob me? If not…

We went into a building, then someone sat me on a chair and tied me up with ropes. It smelled damp, musty, and salty. It seemed like some warehouse.

I moved the hands tied behind the back a little to make sure the magic stone bracelet on my wrist was attached to it. Fortunately, it was fine.

I once remembered Enoch finding me with this at the hunting competition. If he noticed I was missing, he’d find me again.


Well, if I died before that, it would be all for nothing, but since I had that small amount of insurance, it gave me a little peace of mind.

The old iron door creaked open, and footsteps followed. Then, the cloth covering my eyes was removed, and my eyes were still blurry. However, it was dark inside, and I had to judge the view only with the light that leaked through the small window.

A group of people wearing black robes gathered around me. When I looked around the warehouse, I saw Lia lying unconscious, her chest rising and falling. Thank goodness. She only had her hands tied behind her back.

“She’s awake. You didn’t get caught?” A gloomy, low voice asked. He was the one who just came through the door. 

The people standing behind me, who had brought me here, answered, “We brought her in an instant when no one was watching. No one will know yet.”

“I couldn’t approach this woman because she was in the Imperial Palace, but fortunately she came out on her own, so the job was easy.”

Two behind me and three people came through the door now. It was difficult to tell who they were because everyone was covered from head to toe.

“My king[1], she’s a tough woman. You’re going to have to do it right the first time.”

It was a female voice. It was also something I had heard a lot before. But who?

“You guys should try it first.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

‘Your Highness?’ The man who appeared to be the boss seemed to be addressed ‘king.’

I opened my eyes to see what they were doing. The two from behind came to the side.

One put his hand on top of my head and started chanting something. Then the other looked into my eyes and said, “Erin Spilet, you will write your will now, handing over the magic stone mine to your husband, Rupert, as soon as you return. And kill yourself on the spot.”

What nonsense is this? 

In the meantime, the touch on the crown of my head felt unpleasant. My head throbbed, and I was getting a headache.

But that was it. It didn’t look like there was going to be an answer to that ridiculous command.


The man who had been chanting whatever it was for a while, lowered his hand and gasped, “My king, the brainwashing magic won’t work.”

“King, didn’t I tell you that this woman isn’t normal?”

I heard the woman again. The more I listened to it, the more it became familiar. It was definitely someone I knew.

And brainwashing magic? Hand over the mine to Rupert then kill myself? Was Rupert behind this?

Anyway, what I could tell from their conversation was that they wouldn’t kill me right away. I didn’t think they’d let me go easy, though. 

In the course of many conjectures, the so-called king blamed them with a growl, “Fools, can I still call you my elite squad?”

“Forgive me.”

“Forgive me!”

“Get out of my way. I’ll do it myself.”

Just as the person next to me had done earlier, he placed his hand on my head and started the spell.

I gulped.

[1] 왕이라 means king, and the unknown people addressed him as such.

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