You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 75

YCKTML Chapter 75


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Rupert looked at their intertwined hands and pulled away. “I don’t know what you mean by asking me for help.”

Chloe tugged on Rupert’s sleeve and smiled awkwardly, her attitude stiffer than expected.

“Rupert… His Highness is making a good offer for you too.”

“What’s good for me? Becoming traitors together?”

Taken aback by Rupert’s straightforward comment, Chloe hurriedly removed her hand.

Prince Breiman’s lips trembled slightly, but he continued smiling as he glanced at Chloe.

Chloe couldn’t even look into Prince Breiman’s eyes, and her fingertips trembled. 

Compared to them, Rupert had nothing to regret. Although he felt inferior to Prince Enoch and jealous, but that was it.

Rupert was not young enough to change course only with his personal feelings.


So he’s been doing work through Chloe for a long time.*

“You’ve been wanting to break free for a long time, that blood oath.”

Rupert’s eyes widened at Breiman’s remark. 

The Prince didn’t miss that opportunity and continued, “Well, until when will that bond continue? As a member of the Imperial Family, I am truly sorry. What else would it be if it wasn’t a curse with loyalty as collateral?”

“So, are you saying that Your Highness will release it?”

“That’s right.”

Rupert narrowed his eyes at him and asked, “How are you going to break that bond? I tried to look for ways, but there was no way to solve it with divine power or magic.”

“I have a way. But I can’t tell you until you tell me you’re cooperating.”


Lost in thought, Rupert was silent for a moment. In the meantime, Chloe and Breiman eyed each other.

“Of course, if the revolution succeeds, I will preserve your position and territory without such restraints. Not only that, your status as a top official will be guaranteed forever.”

“Are there any chances of success?”

“If you help.”

Rupert was definitely a critical asset. The number of soldiers in the duchy was enormous, and many subordinates in the army followed him.

And since Duke Clifford’s status was not low in the social world, Breiman obtaining him was no different than gaining thousands and thousands of horses.

“It’s difficult for me to give an answer right now.”

“Oh, yes. This is very important. Think about it well.”

Rupert shook his head and rose from his seat. Chloe got up to follow him and asked, “Rupert, where are you going?”

“Where else? My home.”



As Chloe hesitated, Rupert stared at her for a moment before answering in a low voice, “And Count Andron’s house is yours.”

As Chloe’s orange eyes twinkled with tears at his curt answer, Rupert hesitated and stroked Chloe’s head affectionately. 

“Sorry, I have a lot of work to do. I’ll pick you up soon.”

“Ah, no. Rupert, I don’t mind.” 

Chloe saw him off with her characteristic smile. “See you later.”

Rupert saluted, got on his horse, and left.

‘Prince Breiman.’

He was no fool. The Prince was smart, quick-witted, and also very patient. He also had moderate magical abilities and knew how to handle nobles. However…

‘Can you really win?’

When he thought of Enoch as his opponent, Rupert thought the other Prince had no chance of winning. 

His formidable magic skills, solid judgment, and his signature relaxed attitude and charisma that appealed to the audience. 

Breiman wasn’t a bad prince, but he didn’t look like he could be a match for the Crown Prince either. And it wasn’t just because of their magical abilities.

And the thought of betraying Enoch made the corner of his head throb, a contrast to his feelings. 


‘Is this because of the bond from the blood oath?’

Rupert continued to speed off. As he did, he suddenly spotted the beach.

He kept feeling like he was missing something important. To shake off the feeling, Rupert accelerated even more.

He couldn’t stand the heavy feeling pressing on his chest.

After Rupert left, Chloe looked where he had gone for a long time. Then, as she turned to the presence behind her, she felt a stinging pain on her cheek.

Chloe hurriedly lowered her head, cradling one side of her warm face. 

“Why is he still so distant?”

“… It’s because his energy is so clear and pure.”

“You’ve been working on it for years, but this is the only thing you can show for it?”

“But since he’s been constantly ingesting the drug, the reaction… He will have it.”

Her explanation didn’t appease Breiman’s anger. He hissed, “If Rupert is still like that by the due date, I have no choice but to summon that body as a medium.”

“…King, please.”

In desperation, Chloe clung to Breiman’s robe, but he shook her off without hesitation.

“Wouldn’t that be better for you, too? It seems that he still has feelings for that woman.”

Chloe bit her lower lip without saying a word, and he lifted her chin as he looked down at her.

“Come to think of it, your energy is at its lowest again. Now, make your choice– your lord or your lover.”

Chloe looked up at Breiman, her face pale, then she lowered her gaze and bent low on the floor. 

“…Of course, the King comes first. However… Rupert…”

“Oh, not now. I don’t want to take any risks either.”

Then, Breiman left Chloe like that and headed back to the warehouse where Erin was imprisoned. With a smirk, he fiddled with the vial in his pocket.

“There won’t be a problem with this.”

*”Yes, not even a single rat came over here.”


But as soon as the guard opened the door, Breiman’s angry voice rang out. Chloe felt the blood drain from her face as she sat and listened.

And soon, the black magic stone on her bracelet shattered and scattered on the floor. The magic stone has reached its limit.

Squawk, squawk–.

The sound of seagulls whirled past my ears from a very close distance. Then, as soon as I felt a cold touch on my cheek, I jumped up and looked around.


I was on the beach. On the other side of the sea, I could see the warehouse on the cliff I had escaped earlier. 

Looking at it now, the cliff wasn’t very high. It would probably have been difficult to survive if it had been taller. Anyway, it blew my mind when I saw it.

‘They must have noticed I’m gone, so they’ll start looking for me soon.’

And Lia, who had been lying near me, stood up and looked around as if she had just regained consciousness.


Lia jumped up and ran to me, and I got up.

“Ah, it stings.”

When I suddenly felt a tingling sensation under my feet, I lifted them to see bright red blood oozing from the soles of my feet.

Did I step on a seashell? I looked where I had stepped and saw a black, shiny piece.

“Madam!” Lia came and supported me. 

I responded roughly to her and slowly lifted the piece from the floor. The black and dark sculptures were engraved with small initials.

And besides that, I could see a lot of black glass pieces scattered around.

“Lia, what is this?”

Leah looked closely at what I had in my hand and answered, “This is a magic stone. It appears to have been used in black magic and has reached the end of its life.”

“Then, all of these…”

I couldn’t help but be astonished to see the countless pieces of magic stone scattered on the ground. Not only were they spread around me, but when I looked over, black fragments washed up by the waves formed a mountain.

“Lia, do you need a lot of magic stones for black magic?”

“Yes, because people who don’t have magical powers are forced to make use of them.”

After hearing that, I now understood more clearly–those people in black robes didn’t just want the magic stone mine for the money.

It was a necessary medium to continue to maintain black magic. So what were these initials?

I leaned back and looked at the other pieces. Most of them were blank, but a few had engravings. I picked up several of them.

“Wait a moment.”

Lia picked up one of the sharp pieces and ripped the hem of her wet skirt. She then tore it apart with her hand and wrapped it around my feet.


“It’s not very good because it’s wet. I’ll have to treat your wound as soon as possible.”

With the leftover cloth, she wrapped the pieces I was holding into a bundle.

I stared at her as she worked, and quietly said, “Lia.”


Lia bowed her head silently at my call. 

“Who are you? You said you were a maid with experience working in the Imperial Palace. Is that really all?”

“Madam, I…” Lia avoided my gaze as she hesitated.

“So, you’re not mine?”

“I am!”

“Tell me then.”

Then there was a sound from afar. 

As soon as Enoch, who had been riding his horse, found me, he jumped off the spot. And he flew like the wind and stood before me.

*Not 100% sure about these sentences.

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