We Spent the First Night Again Chapter 10

WSTFNA Chapter 10


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“Hello, Sir Brandon.”

Callie stared at Brandon’s smiling face.

He’s my husband who might have killed me.

He was smiling at her, but who knew what he was thinking?

“You’re much more beautiful than I thought, milady.”

She must never marry this man again. She had to get out of this man’s sight at all costs.

“Is that so? You know so many beauties, so I was certain you wouldn’t even notice my looks, so thank you for saying that.”

She deliberately criticized his reputation and hurt his ego with harsh words.

But Brandon took it lightly, as if nothing was wrong with it.


“You’re like a rose–beautiful but with thorns. It can be a bit boring if it’s just beautiful, but I think it’ll be fun. Being with young lady, I mean.”

It looked like her words piqued Brandon’s curiosity. D*mn it. Callie bit her lower lip at his reaction, opposite to what she had intended.

After greeting the two, Marchioness Grian, who sat with them and hinted at their good points, put down the teacup and put a tired expression on her face.

“My head hurts, so I should rest. It’s a nice day, so why don’t the two of you go for a walk? Brandon, can you show Callie around the mansion?”

She clearly intended to give the two time together.

Brandon gladly accepted Marchioness Grian’s suggestion, then turned to Callie and asked, “Miss Callie, would you like to take a walk with me so that the Marchioness can rest for a while?”

Callie nodded lightly, thinking it would be better for the two of them to be alone than to have Grian in a position to upset Brandon.

“Yes, let’s. Sir Brandon.”

After leaving the mansion, the two walked together along the shore of a nearby lake.

It was a sunny spring afternoon, the sunlight was warm and the wind was refreshing. The green forest was magnificent, and the occasional birdsong was as good as the music of a famous musician.

He acted like a well-mannered gentleman in front of Grian, but his demeanor changed when they were alone.


Brandon took a couple of steps ahead of her as if he were out for a walk alone.

As she watched Brandon walk ahead, Callie thought.

Tall height, broad shoulders, and a strong body that couldn’t be hidden even when covered by clothes… Even if you don’t turn your head to look at his face, that alone was a great visual.

The first night she almost had in her previous life, would she have spent it with Brandon if she hadn’t been killed then?

What would have her first night with him been like?

Callie, lost in her thoughts, caught her foot on a rock beneath her feet.


Callie lost her balance for a moment and fell unsightly.

Brandon, who had been walking ahead of her, stopped at her shriek and looked back. However, he just watched Callie fall, like a spectator who had no intention of catching her.

How embarrassing.

It wasn’t that she walked alone but that she looked ridiculous falling in front of Sir Brandon.

She wanted to hide.

At that moment, Brandon turned to Callie, took a few steps back, and held out his hand. “Oh, you have to be careful, young lady.”


Callie stared at Brandon’s outstretched hand.

If you were going to help, you could have caught me before I fell.

And now, he was coming here, pretending to help.

Callie ignored Brandon’s outstretched hand and stood up on her own, brushing the dirt off the hem of her skirt.

Instead of being embarrassed for being ignored, Brandon shrugged and withdrew his outstretched hand. “Will you not accept my help?”

“I can manage even without your help.” 

After sulking, Callie took the lead this time, just as he had done a moment before.

Brandon found Callie’s temper tantrum adorable, so he smiled as he followed her.

Callie walked ahead, but Brandon easily reached her with his long strides. Soon enough, the two were walking side by side.

The lake on the side glistened like jewels in the sunlight. Callie would have admired the sight if she weren’t walking with Brandon.

The two of them just walked in silence for a while. They walked along the quiet lakeside, but Callie’s thoughts were jumbled.

‘This has never happened in my previous life. Judging from that, the previous life wouldn’t repeat itself. Well, I can change my fate of getting killed. For that to happen, I must never marry Brandon. But can I go against my uncle’s wishes?’

Haa, she unknowingly sighed. 

Brandon heard his sigh and said, “Now that it’s just the two of us, shall we begin our conversation? What should we talk about first? We might be getting married. Shall we introduce ourselves first?”

Although the place was different, what Brandon said was pretty much the same as what he had in their previous life.[1]

“I heard about Sir Brandon from my father, so there’s no need for further introductions.”


“You wouldn’t have listened only to your father.”

“I’ve heard quite a few stories here and there.”

“Are you still thinking of marrying me, milady?”

In her previous life, when Brandon asked her, she replied that she wanted to marry.

Not this time.

“No. I don’t want to marry a playboy involved in all sorts of rumors.”

Brandon smiled, not a hint of displeasure on his face. “You don’t want to marry a playboy? Then why did you come here today? You wouldn’t have come without knowing the intention of today’s meeting.”

“That’s Father’s… Ah, actually, he’s my uncle, not my father, and I couldn’t go against his will.”

“Were you forced to go?”

“That’s right.”

“So you’ve never thought of marrying me?”


“You’re honest, young lady. To think you’d reject me for being a playboy to my face.”

“Unlike other county ladies, I am not a well-mannered and calm person.”

“Oh, I see.”

It was meant to offend. So, don’t even think about marrying me.

However, it didn’t seem to work.

“But what about it? I like the young lady.”

“Sorry?” Callie’s eyes widened.

“So let’s think about it again, young lady. I heard that the Loris family is struggling financially right now. As you know, my father is very wealthy. Even though I’m adopted, I’m the Cleart’s eldest son, so wouldn’t it be easier to live if you married me?”

Not like this.

I have to give you the impression that I don’t want to see you again, but it’s all tangled up.

Back at home, Brandon recalled his meeting with Callie. 

Truthfully, until this morning, Brandon had no intention of going to Marchioness Grian.

He knew that Hugo and Evelyn planned to marry him off, but he had no intentions of going along with their plan, so he wasn’t going to the appointment.

So, as usual, he had gathered the girls and enjoyed himself, but Leslie came to visit.

“Hyung, what are you doing here?”

“As you can see,” Brandon replied nonchalantly, glancing at the girl digging into his arms.

“Did you forget you have tea time at the Stuart Mansion today?”

“Oh, did I?”

“Hurry up and go. If you go right now, it won’t be too late.”


“How bothersome. I’d rather be with these ladies than have tea with the Marchioness.”

At Brandon’s answer, the lady beside him giggled, pleased with his response.

Leslie shook his head as he watched the scene. “But not today, Hyung. Today, Father said he would remove you from the inheritance if you didn’t accept Marchioness Grian’s invitation. Will you be okay?”

“Haa, so Father can threaten me with such a weapon.”

“He knew that if he didn’t, Hyung wouldn’t move. So it’s up to you. I passed on Father’s message, so I’m leaving.”

Inheritance, huh…

It wasn’t really a problem, but he had to look like he was stuck in it. 

So, reluctantly, he made his way to the Stewart Mansion.

However, Callie Loris, whom he was introduced to today, was not the typical young lady raised in a noble family as he thought. Seeing that she didn’t hide her dislike for him, he asked her to marry him at the first meeting.

Their meeting was much more fun than he had expected.

A thin smile spread across Brandon’s lips as he recalled the conversations he had with Callie during the day.

Two weeks later, Hugo, who went to the Fostoria Kingdom and returned with a tight schedule, called the whole family to a meal. 

The patriarch had hurriedly finished his schedule and returned because of Brandon and Callie’s meeting.

To the family members who were curious about his answer, Brandon spoke calmly as if he were talking to someone else.

“I will marry Lady Loris.”

It had been over two weeks since Callie met Brandon.

As in her previous life, she didn’t receive any contact from him.

Please, let it end like this.

As she helped Noah with the laundry in the yard, Callie remembered she had been contacted by him today from her previous life and felt uncomfortable throughout their task.

“My lady, pull that side a little more, please,” Noah asked as Callie remained lost in her thoughts.

She came to her senses at the sound and began to straighten the ends of the blanket.

“Okay, Noah.”

At that time, Lisa hurriedly came running.

“Milady, milady!”

[1] Similar to their conversation in chapter two

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