My Husband Changes Every Night Chapter 1

MHCEN Chapter 1


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Chapter 1: My Husband Changes Every Night

“Let’s start tonight.”

A strong shudder arose when I heard a voice so cold that it could defeat even the tropical nights of midsummer at once.

I caught my breath and tried to calm my beating heart.

However, seeing him unbutton his shirt with bewitching hands in front of me made all my resolve collapse.

“Are you ready?”

His black hair, which had shone brightly under the sunlight, glowed white as if it had swallowed up the moonlight.

It was already a familiar sight.

His hair always turned white when night came as if to ward off the darkness.

“…Yes, I’m ready.”

Like a beast chasing its prey in the dark, his sharp golden eyes flashed fiercely.


This man flapping his shirt in front of my eyes…

He was the tyrant of this empire and my husband, Livanfell von Leonhardt. 

‘This is insane!’

I let out a shallow trembling breath and nodded. My narrowed gaze shifted toward the gap between Livanfell’s shirt, where perfectly sculpted muscles showed off their presence.


I couldn’t help but feel nervous every time I did it, even though I’d already done it several times. My audible gulp cut through the silence in the bedroom.”

“Terriella, there’s no need to be nervous.”

Livanfell took off his cumbersome shirt and revealed his perfect body covered with ferocious scars.

Among them, the one thing that caught my eye the most was the seal that resembled a thorny tree carved near the chest where his heart was.

That terrifying seal that I encountered every night continued to grow in size as if it would devour Livanfell.

A completely different hair color from when the sun was up, and a seal engraved on his body.

That’s why I had to be by Livanfell’s side every night and why he sought me every night.

“What are you looking at?” Livanfell gently grabbed my chin with his long fingers and raised it.

My gaze moved away from the seal that had lost control and increased in size to his face.

“…I wasn’t looking at anything.”

“You’re lying.”

Livanfell’s scathing laughter sounded like a melody. My hand slowly climbed up his arm and wrapped it around his wrist.

“You were admiring my body.”

The angry beast-like man laughed like a mischievous little boy. His refreshing scent of soap tickled the tip of my nose and stimulated my nerves.


“You still can’t get used to it?”

“… I’m telling you that’s not it.”

“You’re not fooling anyone.”

Livanfell lazily swiped the hand wrapped around his waist. Then he took it and placed it gently on his chest. I could feel his heart thumping through the palm of my hand.

The loud beats distracted me.

“Don’t be surprised.” 

Unlike his rough behavior, his voice was as sweet and soft as cotton candy. In an instant, the tension disappeared.

“It’s alright.”

Livanfell’s long eyelashes descended like the graceful wings of a butterfly. When I saw him closing his eyes as if entrusting everything to me, I also focused on my palm on his skin.

I could feel the vibration through my palms all over my body. At that moment, the bizarre seal engraved on his body gradually faded and then disappeared.

That wasn’t all. His hair, which had been white, returned to its natural black.

‘Does it have to be like this every night?! I’m going crazy!’

I bit the inside of my lips tightly and swallowed the words that I couldn’t bear to say out loud.

In an attempt to erase the burning impure thoughts, I turned to the painting on the wall.

‘That’s some delicious chocolate painting.’

A secret that no one knew and no one should ever know.

My husband suffered from a curse every night, and I was the only key to free him from that pain.

‘Chocolate… Chocolate in my husband’s stomach… Aaaaah!’

I pinched my thighs and tried to focus on good thoughts.

「Terriella, live a long life. As long as you live, everything will be yours. You trust mom, right? Since mom knows the end, I’ll make sure you only walk on a flowery path, my dear! You must live!」

Those were my late mother’s last words and wishes.

In order to fulfill that wish, I didn’t die, and continued to live in such a dreadful situation.

“Terriella, go as a candidate for Empress of the Leonhardt Empire.”

“I refuse.”

There was no emotion in the father-daughter conversation, which we hadn’t had in years.

My father, King Lupeon, ignored my opinion and continued, “You know the current situation on the continent, right? It will take more than two months to get to the Empire because you can’t get on the ship because of tsunamis, so you’ll have to go on a safe route because of the epidemic… When the hell is that saint going to be born, tsk.”

“I have no intention of going. Why do I have to go as the candidate for empress when I have an older sister?”

“Terriella. Surely you’re not asking because you don’t know?”

The king gritted his teeth. His contempt for me was evident, but it wasn’t a huge blow because it was the gaze he used to look at me often.

“Look over there. Look at the siblings you hurt.”

As I turned toward where the king pointed, I saw my older sister, older brother, and younger sister, covered in bandages, glaring at me.

“That was self-defense.”

“Your sister broke her arm?”


Unnie pushed me down the stairs first. I was so startled that I reached out my hand, but I grabbed Unnie and rolled down with her. I was hurt, too, but Unnie… Well She looks even more hurt than I do.”

“You’re saying it’s a coincidence! Your brother’s leg is broken!”

“That too was self-defense. Oppa tried to kick me. I was surprised, so I blocked it with a chair next to me.”

“Let’s see what excuse you’ll say after looking at your younger sister!”

When I looked at my sister’s face, I sighed.

“She’s going to be a debutante soon but now she has a scar on her face!”

“That wasn’t me. Shouldn’t we find out who gave her the horsewhip instead? She swung a whip at me and hit herself in the face. Of course I’m fine, but… Ugh, who the hell gave this kid such a scary thing?”

I pointed to the long cut on my younger sister’s face, shouting deliberately so the two others could hear.

They cleared their throats and avoided my gaze at the same time.

“Don’t worry. This sister will find the best doctor and ask if they can cover up your scars.”


As I chuckled under my breath, my trembling sister buried her face in her palm in sobbed.

I’ve never tried it, but if I put my mind to it, I thought I could treat such wounds with my eyes closed.

But I didn’t have the slightest desire to do it.

‘Of course, the king and my family don’t know if I have that kind of power.’

That was why I wasn’t hurt in any of the incidents mentioned.

Because I had a secret power that no one knew about.

“Don’t stir up trouble for your family! Does it make sense that all your siblings are injured like this, and you’re the only one who’s fine!”

“It makes sense. That’s why I’m standing here like this. If I were lying, I would have already become a corpse.”

“Shut that mouth!”

“My whole family desperately wants me to die…”


When I didn’t stop speaking, the king threw an object near his grasp in anger.


It was the ink bottle that flew and hit my shoulder. The open inkwell fell, leaving a black trail on my dress on the red carpet, the pride of the royal family.


“Don’t say anything else! I said I would send a princess to the Leonhardt Empire, so it will happen!”

I was like that black ink that stained the red carpet here.

The only stain on the royal family, that was me.

No one in the royal family recognized me as family.

“If you send me away, Karajan will be angry.”

He was the only one. The legitimate successor and son of the queen considered as the heir apparent. Only Karajan Penn Lupeon.

In the kingdom where I was left alone after Mother died, Karajan was my only friend, family, and confidant.

“Did you forget that Karajan loves me a lot?”

“Karajan isn’t here because he was dispatched two days ago to investigate the epidemic in the provinces.”

“…Your preparations are thorough.”

If Karajan had been her, he would have somehow become a shield to keep me going.

That snarky king must have known that and made an appropriate excuse to send him away.

“If it’s the emperor of the Leonhardt Empire, he’s a tyrant who killed half of his ministers as soon as he ascended the throne, right?”

Since I was alone in the palace all day, I naturally heard the chatter of the maids who liked to talk.

“I heard that he locks himself in the bedroom every night to drink. They said he drinks so much that he couldn’t tell whether he’s standing on the ground or in the sky.”


The king cleared his throat and shook his head. 

“That’s not all, isn’t it? When the ministers asked him to fill the vacant empress’ seat, he gathered all the ladies in the empire and checked their faces, right? Well, I heard he didn’t like anyone and sent them all back.”

At the time, when the battle for the throne broke out, I remembered how surprised I was that he, the son of a concubine, killed all his brothers and rose to the position of emperor.

“With his violence, alcohol dependency, and lustfulness, you could call him the worst man on the continent.”

“You have to go, Terriella. The only thing you’re good for is that face that resembles your mother. Since you inherited the superior gene, you should use it well.”

“Your Majesty, just say it out loud.”

When our eyes met, the king’s filthy mouth was covered with a mocking smile.

“You want me to go there and die.”

The king didn’t answer my question. 

As the king closed his mouth, my older sister beside him spoke loudly to herself with a grin, “If she had died when she was sick when she was younger, she wouldn’t have suffered this humiliation. I don’t know why she’s still alive like this.”

Unnie. If you’re trying to talk to yourself, be quiet or say it to my face. Could it be that you’re afraid to tell me?”


“You were about to die then. Maybe you stopped breathing for a while? Your mother barely managed to save you.”

Apparently, when I was six years old, I got very sick to the point of death.

Honestly, the memories I had of that time were hazy. It wasn’t completely gone, but there were many memories I couldn’t recall, no matter how much I tried.

My mother comforted me by saying that it was a symptom of a fever that had risen so badly and that it was a miracle that I survived.

What I heard later from the people around me was that my mother ran all over the mountains, seas, and even distant countries to save me.

“You have the life that should have ended then, so don’t be greedy anymore.”

Unnie, do you want to break your arm again?”

“Both of you, stop it! Don’t dwell on things that have already been decided Terriella. Go with the thought that you are responsible for the consequences of the evil you have committed.”

The king, who ended the conversation one-sidedly, waved his fingers at the waiting soldiers. Two soldiers rushed over and bound my arms as if escorting a prisoner who had committed a serious crime.

“…What’s going on?”

Something was wrong. It made me anxious that the king kept smiling at me and that my siblings were silent.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you when you’re leaving.”

“…No way.”

“You’ll leave right away. I think the only things you’ll bring are the stuff from the closed building you’re living in, so I had them put in the carriage in advance.”

“This… This… Damn it!”

“Take her away.”

The king waved his hand in annoyance. I braced my feet to avoid getting dragged by the knights. However, my efforts went unnoticed and the soldiers so easily lifted me up.

“L-let go of me! Aaaah! These guys! Let me go! I’m a princess! I’m a princess of the kingdom!” I struggled with all my might while hanging in the air. “How dare you disregard the princess’s orders?! Huh?! I! Even though I’m despised! I’m the princess of this kingdom! Do you want to die?! Huh?!”

“The one who gave the order was I, the king. I have more authority than you, tsk tsk.” 

The king, who responded absurdly to my desperate cry, gestured for the soldiers to take me away, perhaps because he was tired of this argument.

“Put the princess in the carriage and set off right away. Don’t do anything reckless like jumping off a running carriage.”

“Let go of me! I’m not going! I’m not going! Ah! I’m not goiiing!!!”

Although I fought with all my might, I was no match for the well-trained soldiers. Besides, I couldn’t eat even one proper meal a day, so it was only natural.

I was dragged out of the throne room in a humiliating position, fluttering like a flounder.

Then the distant king murmured in a low voice, “Don’t die.”

I turned my head in surprise at the voice that flew in the wind. He wasn’t the type of person who’d say such a thing, so I wondered if I heard it wrong.

‘Could it be that Father is worried I’ll die?’


When I turned to look at him, the king was still smiling at me.

“If you die on the way, I will have to send another empress candidate to the tyrant, but I don’t want to send my daughter. If you’re going to die, go there and die. If you die in the Empire, at least they’ll compensate us for the cost of your life.”

“This… This…!”

Of course! Good thing I wasn’t foolish enough to believe it even for a moment!

“I… I’ll curse you all! You f*cking royal b*stards!”

Mother, you said that everything would be mine as long as I was alive, right?

Okay. I’ll live somehow. So please let this kingdom be mine.

‘Then I’ll make this kingdom beg. I’ll set them all on fire and burn them without a trace!’

Grinding my teeth, I vowed revenge against the smiling royal family.