My Husband Changes Every Night Chapter 3

MHCEN Chapter 3


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Chapter 3: Divine Power, How Do You Use It?

I had to say something. If I stayed here, it would be like affirming that statement.

“Aaaah… Ah… Ah…”

No, that’s not true? I tried to retort, but I opened my mouth like and idiot and said ‘Ah’ too many times.

I slapped my frozen lips, disciplined myself and retorted late, “No, that’s not true.”

“You took too long to answer.”

“I enjoy making people wait.”

Livanfell ignored my response, probably thinking it wasn’t worth answering the absurdity. He had let go of the pendulum, and I could hear the ticking of the clock again.

‘How did you know?’

Did he plant a spy in the kingdom? No. That couldn’t be. No one in the kingdom suspected me; moreover, I’ve never used this divine power.


My body was cured because it healed without using divine power.

“The princess knows the situation on the continent well, right?”

I did. The continent, this world, was falling apart.

It’s been about twenty years since the World Tree, which was said to be the source of life, withered and died.

The wind of death blew across the continent.

Infectious diseases and natural disasters hit the continent. Crops stopped growing due to endless droughts and floods, and people starved or drowned.

In some countries, forest fires have occurred due to the dry climate, burning animals, plants, and people. It was also not uncommon for animals that had lost their habitat and food to descend into the village and attack people.

Trading ships and fishing boats sank because of tsunamis, and so no one tried to board them anymore.

“Do you know why people wish for the birth of a saint?”

“Well… Rather than that, I’m not a saint.”

“Because they think that a saint is a gift loved by God. Some groups believe that the end of the world will stop if the saint is returned to God’s side.

“W-w-what a scary thing to say!”

“That’s why twisted false beliefs are scary.”

I didn’t have divine power at birth. Mother had told me this divine power was a gift to protect me.

So never. 

She insisted that I never tell anyone.

‘Mother. I didn’t say it. He already knew!’

When I was young, I really thought it was a gift, but now that I think about it, it’s hard to understand how my mother gave me this kind of strength.

But my mother wasn’t there to answer me, and it was best to keep this power hidden.

“If you run away, I will let everyone know that the princess is a saint.”


“…It would be nice if the birth of a saint for the first time in several hundred years was true. You’re looking at the wrong person.”

I remained ignorant and cut off his confidence with a single strike. Then, biting the inside of my cheeks, I pretended to be calm.

“I don’t have that kind of power.”

“There’s no use denying it.”

“Why would I deceive Your Majesty…”

“Shall we head to the temple together? There’s also a way to check directly with the high priest. Unlike the kingdoms, the empire has one.”

Oops. I forgot the high priest.

The high priest has the power to check divine power within the body. So, if we went to the high priest, I couldn’t hide it.

‘I should have run away right there instead of retreating to the VIP room.’

But even if I regretted it, it was already too late.

“…Are you threatening me now?”

“Threatening, such a scary thing to say. I just told you in detail what might happen in the future.”

Should I knock out the emperor and run away?

It’s a crazy idea. Unfortunately, I only had divine power, not supernatural. It couldn’t inflict wounds, only heal it.

If I tried to knock him out, I might lose my head. Quite a few wounds could heal immediately, but if they cut off my neck, it wouldn’t heal quickly enough, and I’d just immediately die.

As I raised my guard, Livanfell reassured me as if he were dealing with a frightened cat, “There seems to be a misunderstanding, but I have no intention of sending the princess to the temple.”

He continued to reassure me when I glared at him strongly, ready to bite him if necessary. 


“If I had intended to do that, I would have brought the high priest here from the start… To be precise, what I want is the opposite.”

I heard him walking toward me. At the same time, the clouds that covered the moon cleared. As the moonlight penetrated through the glass window, Livanfell gradually became clearer.

“I don’t want the fact that the princess has divine powers to be known.”

Something was strange.

When we met earlier at noon, the emperor had black hair. I couldn’t forget it because it was so vividly black, as if he had picked up the darkness.

But now his hair was gray as if it had soaked in the moonlight.

Did I see it wrong? Or was it possible that the person in front of me was not the emperor I saw during the day?

It bewildered me.

“That means I will hide the princess and her secrets.”

Livanfell continued to approach me, unbuttoning his shirt. My instincts did not take my eyes off the unbuttoning hand. In that short time, unkind thoughts ran through my head quickly.

‘Why are you taking off your clothes all of a sudden? We were talking about the saint just a while ago. Did you mean to use the divine power in something like this?’


The last button came undone and the thin shirt rolled to the floor. When Livanfell stopped before me, I faced him directly as if possessed.


I felt it before, but this man revealed everything on his face without regret when you face him closely. He was so dangerously beautiful that if a demon had ever possessed a man, it would be him.

“I want the princess to be by my side.”

Livanfell reached out his hand. And without hesitation, he grabbed mine and pulled it to his chest.


A surprised gasp escaped through my teeth when my palm suddenly touched the man’s hard, unfamiliar body.

I looked down in surprise at the first touch. Then, the seal engraved on his chest over my palm caught my eye.


It was a seal in which a bare thorny tree extended from the chest area where his heart was.


Livanfell whispered softly as if hypnotizing me, “Use your divine power, Princess.”

I put my hand on Livanfell’s chest and blinked at him. Livanfell persuaded me softly and sweetly, probably thinking I was still on guard.

“It’s alright. I promise I won’t do anything to harm you.”

I stared blankly at my palms against my chest, then tilted my head.


No one could have foreseen this difficulty. Because it’s a challenge I didn’t expect.

‘Divine power… How do I…?’

I finally realized that I didn’t know how to use divine power. I had only tried to hide it all my life, so I’ve never tried to use it.

So, I didn’t know how to use divine power!

“Trust me,” Livanfell earnestly swore to me.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to use divine power… I couldn’t exactly say that.

‘Until now, I didn’t even have to hide it. It was power that I didn’t even know how to use.’

I sighed at the foolish behavior I had been doing and glanced at the seal engraved on his chest.

‘A body with a tree branch’s seal engraved near its heart. I’ve heard of it.’

It was a famous story on the continent.

The entire continent fell into a great panic the day after the World Tree disappeared. The World Tree was the force that governed life and balance. Now that the power they depended on was gone, it was natural for the balance to break and destruction to come.

In a panic, someone shouted.

‘Our god, Semula, has abandoned us!’

Those who did not believe in God sighed and prayed urgently, and those who did cursed that they had been betrayed.

At that time, someone suggested that humans make a world tree.

It was complete nonsense. The World Tree itself, the realm of the gods, could not be explained by any knowledge, even by the enlightened sages. 


However, an alchemist grasped at straws and challenged the realm of god.

The alchemist’s name was Generva. He called the Experiment to create the world tree the “Perdiac Experiment.”

“Your Majesty. This seal is the result of the Perdiac Experiment…”

“Yes. It’s proof of that Experiment.”

Alchemist Generva extracted the sap from the branches of the dead World Tree. Then, he injected the test subject with an ooze that devoured life randomly as if suffering from hunger.

The test subject was a human.

And so Generva began human experimentation with the salvation of the world as his shield.

He poured the essence into the human body and carved a seal around the heart. If he didn’t, the person’s body would wither and die the moment the essence was injected into them.

But in the end, the Experiment failed.

The challenge to the realm of the gods ended in brutal results. All the people who received the essence died.

As if mocking the seal carved by humans, the scrawny tree branches engraved near the heart covered their entire body and dried into a grotesque white figure as if all life had been absorbed.

On the continent, the alchemist Generva, who led the Experiment, was wanted as a condition of the peace agreement, and those who followed Perdiac Experiment were pursued with them. However, their whereabouts remained unclear.

“Why does Your Majesty have this seal?”

“Why? I am the first and last person to survive the experiment.”

“… Don’t you know that in the Perdiac Experiment, both the participant and the researcher are sentenced to death immediately upon discovery?”

“I do. It’s one of the oaths of the peace treaty that promises a ceasefire on the continent ahead of the end of the world. I, only a prince at the time, also followed His Majesty the Emperor.”

“But why are you telling me this now…”

Livanfell responded calmly as if he were talking about today’s weather, “So, Princess.”

He gently grabbed my wrist on his chest. A loud, hot echo spread.

“Now that we know each other’s secrets, don’t be wary and use your divine power.”

Use it? I glared at Livanfell’s chest with all my might and put strength in the palm of my hand.

“Are you going to push me and run away?”

I wondered if I could use divine power if I gave it strength, but I guess it didn’t.

Perhaps misunderstanding that I was about to run away, Livanfell wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

Like a soaked wet suit clinging to my body, I was stuck to Livanfell. The hand wrapped around my waist held on so intensely as if he would never release me.


“Wait…Wait a moment.”

It surprised me, and my body naturally tensed.

It was then.


Suddenly, as if I had started a fire, my palms became warm, and I felt it spread all over my body.

Then, the tree branch seal near Livanfell’s chest began to disappear as if it were being absorbed into the body.

And that wasn’t all.

Livanfell’s white hair gradually turned dark and returned to its vivid black.


Livanfell wasn’t agitated at all. It was as if he had been through this situation before.

He hugged me tightly and whispered, “I told you, didn’t I? I don’t want it to be known that the princess has divine power. I want you to heal me, who changes every night, with your power.”


“Only by my side. Use your divine power just for me.”