My Husband Changes Every Night Chapter 4

MHCEN Chapter 4


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Chapter 4: How Did You Know Me?

Dumbfounded, I stared at Livanfell.

‘What kind of situation is this now?’

Did my divine power heal Livanfell?

I knew I could heal injuries, but it was the first time I realized I could also treat the side effects of the Perdiac Experiment.

All the symptoms disappeared, but I still couldn’t take my hand off Livanfell’s chest. Livanfell reached out his hand as he continued to meet my gaze. His rough palm brushed my cheek.

“I’d be happy to do more here.”

My mind, which had been possessed by the scent of the strange man, cleared. Then, startled, I removed my hand.

Livanfell moistened his lips with his tongue as if he were sorry.

“G-get dressed when you’re done. We can’t talk with you naked like that.”

“I’m alright.”

“I’m not.”

“I think you’re alright with it, too. You’re still smiling.”


It’s like instinct! 

…I couldn’t bear to shout it, so I turned away.


The corner of Livanfell’s lips rose, and he went to pick up his shirt on the floor before carefully buttoning up.

‘But you don’t need to fasten all the buttons so meticulously.’

Roughly, things were settled.

I couldn’t see his chest area, but his hair was so black that I couldn’t find any white hair. So maybe the seal disappeared, too.

“…I heard no one survived the experiment.”

“They don’t even know I exist. It’s an old story already.”

If it’s an old story, was it something you experienced before ascending to the throne as emperor? If that was the case, it meant he experienced it during his time as a prince.

‘Why did the prince go through such a heinous experiment…’

I was curious, but even if I asked, he might not be in the mood to answer. I buried my doubts and stared at Livanfell’s body.

“As you can see, my body is fine. So you don’t have to look so worried.”

After buttoning up his shirt, Livanfell turned around. It was the first time I used divine power on others, so I was worried that something might have gone wrong, but fortunately, he seemed fine.

“I’m fine now, thanks to the princess, but it will be the same again at night. The seal will reappear, and my hair color will change.”

“Again? Don’t tell me that every night…”

“Yes. Haven’t you heard rumors that I lock myself in my room and drink every night?”

My eyes widened in surprise at the mention of the rumor, and I vigorously nodded my head.

“I can’t meet other people in this form.”

“Then, was it a rumor Your Majesty spread yourself?”

“No one was interested in me when I was the prince, but it’s different now that I’m the emperor. So, I said that to trick people, and only once or twice. But it doesn’t work anymore.”

Livanfell sat by the window sill. Unlike his disheveled clothes, his expression remained undisturbed.

“That’s why I need you, princess.”


If Livanfell’s secret came out, it was inevitable that the continent would turn against him for breaking the peace treaty.

So far, everyone involved in the Perdiac Experiment has been brutally executed, regardless of gender, age, or status. 

Moreover, if his secret became known, a rebellion might break out within the empire for ‘challenging the realm of the gods.’

No matter how great the emperor of a great empire was, it would be a threat if the entire continent formed an alliance. The emperor would fall if a civil war broke out in such a situation.

‘But that doesn’t mean he has to take off his clothes daily in the same bedroom, right…?’

My face grew warm when I recalled the situation that had just happened. The heat was so intense that it made me dizzy.

Shaking my head to forget, I changed the subject.

“If it’s something that can be cured with divine power, there are high priests and other priests in the empire, right?”

“I told you that you and I have a secret to hide from each other. I have no intention of divulging this secret to anyone else.”

“…What will you do if I tell someone?”

“Well then, I’ll die.”

With a small smile, he gestured as if he were slitting his throat with a blade in his hand. He sounded so carefree as if he had no major attachments to life.

“Do you trust me? We saw each other for the first time only half a day ago today.”

A lite shone in Livanfell’s already light eyes, twinkling in anticipation.

“…How the hell did you know I had divine power?”

“I had a fleeting suspicion.”

“No. Your Majesty wasn’t suspicious; you were sure.”


It was a secret that only my mother and I knew.

“What evidence made you so sure that I was a saint with divine power?”

Livanfell’s mouth twitched, and a look of unexplained anticipation flashed across his face.

“…By any chance.”

That expression and eyes full of anticipation. There must be something.

“Do you know my mother?”



Livanfell’s shining eyes dimmed. His sound of disappointment made me feel like I’d made a huge mistake.

“…Right. Never mind. I didn’t expect it in the first place.”


“No, it’s nothing.” Livanfell shrugged off his expression. “I don’t know the princess’s mother.”

“Then how…”

“After becoming like this, it’s just… Well, it must have felt natural.”

Did you feel it or not?

“Since the saint can heal me, I think my body responded… Yes. That’s it.”

What was with this insincere reply?

It was like he was trying to convince himself that that was it.

‘Was that the truth or not?’

The way he spoke made it sound fake, but with the way his body reacted to my divine power, it didn’t seem like a lie.

There’s no way to confirm it, but it’s strangely uncomfortable.

“This is not the point. It’s not a complicated story.” Livanfell shook his head and went back to the subject. “I will hide the princess’s identity, so you help me not get caught for being a test subject.”

Yes. It’s a simple, uncomplicated story.

But, I knew for a fact that it wasn’t an easy matter.


“Your Majesty. It’s very simple to say, ‘Catch a dragon and boil it and eat it’. But do you know how difficult it is to actually catch one?”

If, in the future, people found out that the emperor is a Perdiac Experiment test subject, I’d be an accomplice in helping him hide it. 

In other words…

I was neither a test subject nor a researcher, but it meant I’d still be punished with the immediate death penalty.

It was different from keeping the secret that I was a saint.

I couldn’t decide so lightly about a problem that had my life on the life…

“Then go to the temple, reveal that you are a saint, and go back to God.”

…The problem could not be resolved so easily…

“Are you thinking of running away? But if your identity becomes known, you’ll probably have a hard time living in hiding. Everyone on the continued would probably be frantic about finding the saint.”

It couldn’t be that easy…

“What a waste. If you become the empress of the great empire, you’ll be able to do what you wanted as long as it doesn’t cause much trouble. Since we’ll be in an alliance, I’m confident I won’t do anything you don’t like.”

It’s easy to decide…

“The power of the empress is great. She could, for example, make the Lupeon family kneel at your feet and do a clown dance.”

“Let’s walk down the same road together!”

It was easy to fix! I could do it. Of course! I could! If it wasn’t me, he’d soon be discovered and killed! 

And do people die once or twice?!

If I get caught, I’d just die once, so! I should enjoy all the luxuries I couldn’t enjoy until right before I die! No regrets! Good job! I’d die! So I’d do my best!

At this state, even if I died anyway, I’d remain as a vengeful ghost instead of going through enlightenment.

“I really like those eyes full of ambition, Princess.”

The emperor needed me, so he couldn’t kill me. I had a weakness big enough to shake the emperor’s life, and I wouldn’t die in a fairly minor accident. 

Of course, if my body died faster than it healed, I’d die, but what’s the likelihood of that?

I still had doubts about how Livanfell recognized my power, but if I felt even the slightest suspicion while we were together, I’d run away to another country and report, ‘The emperor is actually a Perdiac Experiment test subject!’


‘But, I’d never do that! I didn’t join forces with him to make the Lupeon royal family kneel at my feet or to make them dance like clowns!’

…Of course, I’d still make them dance like ones.

Besides, Mother told me to pick a good man and marry him. The emperor was a good enough man to bring the Lupeon family to their knees!

“Let’s say I become the empress after we get married. Until when? That body…”

Um. That wonderful body.

“Your body doesn’t heal over time. If this is the case, then I’ll be with you for life.”

“One year. One year is enough.”

“What are you going to do in a year?”

“I’ll have to say that I will never forget the hot night I spent with the princess,” he said, smiling slyly, his expression quite bewitching.

I changed the subject while fanning my warm cheeks. “You said your body changes at night. So, does it change when the moon rises?”

“At midnight, it changes exactly then.”

“It is not influenced by the moon, but by time, right? Good… Then, from now on, I’ll come to Your Majesty’s bedroom an hour before midnight every day.”

“No. I’ll come see you myself. There are many eyes in the palace. It would be better for me to come than the other way around.”

“But what if you suddenly change? Are you willing to take such a risky gamble? Your Majesty’s safety now depends on me…”

I gently caressed my neck and drooped my shoulders in concern.

“Was it really for my safety or the princess’s neck?”

“A little bit of both.”

“You have nothing to worry about. I’m thinking of having you stay in the bedroom next to mine.”


Since she wasn’t the empress yet, even if she stayed for a while in the VIP room, she’d eventually move to the empress’s palace after getting married.

“It’s good to be close by in case something goes wrong. Both for me and the princess’s throat.” Livanfell pointed his finger at my neck.

That’s right. I should cherish my neck.

“By the way, no one has even found out I have divine powers, so you don’t have to worry.”

“I caught you.”

Well, he wasn’t wrong.

Ahem. That’s an exception. I also caught Your Majesty.”


“I showed it to you myself.”

Again, he wasn’t wrong, but he sounded even more sarcastic.

“Those little things don’t matter, Your Majesty.”


“The important thing is whether we die together.”

“That’s right. It would be a matter of dying together or dying alone because the princess abandoned me. Well, I’ll die one way or another.”

Why did he know my inner thoughts so well?

I kept my mouth shut and looked anywhere else but him. 

“Since the princess and I are in the same boat, we will sink together when we die.”

No, Your Majesty!

Even if we were on the same boat, I’d escape to the rescue boat first as soon as it sinks and live!

After Terriella left…

The evening at the Royal Palace of Lupeon, where the uninvited guests disappeared, was luxurious, as if there were a party.

“Father. What if Terriella really becomes empress?” 

At the youngest daughter’s question, the family enjoying their dinner laughed out loud.

“How could someone with such a terrible personality become the empress of an empire? Hahaha! If the b*tch becomes empress, I’ll break the rest of my leg myself!”

“Brother is right. She’lll return as a corpse. I bet my remaining arm on it!”

Prince Lucenia, who had one of his legs bandaged, and Princess Leria, who had one of her arms bandaged, both laughed.

“But Terriana, in terms of looks… She’s really…”

She was prettier than anyone else.

The younger princess couldn’t keep her mouth shut because of the stinging eyes pouring here and there.*

Teriella was more beautiful than anyone else in Lupeon Kingdom.

The royal family tried to hide it, but rumors continued to spread that children of prestigious families fell in love with her, and foreign princes sent marriage proposals for her.

Of course, the king refused all of them without telling Terriella.

It would be sickening to have her marry a good person, but it would also be bad if they married someone as someone less fortunate as Terriella because it would reflect poorly on the royal family.

“So what if she has a face like that? She’d lose the moment she opened her mouth.”

The tyrant of the Leonhardt empire was a perfect fit for Terriella. They were like a match made in heaven.

They had outstanding qualities, but their personalities were the worst.

The king, who was pleasantly listening to the conversation of his children, took a glass of wine and added, “Not even a corpse will come back. The emperor isn’t merciful, so that empire will probably be her tomb. And if she does come back, don’t worry.”


“What do you mean?”

“I heard that King Shalom is looking for a queen. If Terriella comes back, then I plan to send her to him.”

King Shalom was an old man well over seventy. Thirty queens have already died at his hands because of his perverted tendencies.

Every time a queen died, King Shalom generously compensated the family, so even if Terriella died as Shalom’s queen, it wouldn’t be a bad result.

The king laughed and quenched his throat with wine. The alcohol ran down his beard, but he felt good. He was even relieved for finally getting rid of the bug that had been bothering him the whole time. 

At that time, the prince who was sitting at the far end intervened anxiously, “By the way… If Karajan comes back… No, what if he finds her?”

As if someone had poured cold water on them, the noisy palace quickly became quiet. Even the king remained silent.

Surprisingly, everyone in the seat was greatly perplexed, as if they hadn’t thought of that.

The next king, heir to the throne, Karajan Penn Lupeon.

While he became the heir because he was the queen’s son, there was a more significant reason– he’s one of the most powerful elementalists on the continent.

At present, nature was dying. The elements no longer come out, so they’ve become even more precious.

In addition, no one could beat Karajan with his current strength in the Lupeon Kingdom. Not even the king.

“K-Karajan… uh… If he asks, we can just tell him she went because she wanted to!”

“Oh, that, yes! The dead don’t talk anyway!”

“If we all say the same thing, Karajan wouldn’t be able to do anything about it! No one could check anyway!”

Everyone, including the king, nodded seriously.

Karajan, a cold-hearted person who didn’t seem to bleed even when stabbed with a sword, cherished just one thing in his life. If there was one thing he valued more than anything, it was his sister, Terriella.


“Karajan won’t be able to come to the palace for a while due to his investigation on the epidemic. Everyone, be careful so that this news does not reach him.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Karajan should find out as late as possible. He should hear this after everything is done. By the time Karajan returns, that girl’s funeral should take place.”

No one laughed anymore.

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