We Spent the First Night Again Chapter 17

WSTFNA Chapter 17


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When the butler politely bowed and guided her to the drawing room, Callie followed him, feeling expectant yet concerned.

“Master, the guest you spoke of has arrived.”

Since he was apparently the best mage in Irze, Callie thought he must be old enough for his hair to be gray.

However, the man, reading a book with his legs crossed as he sat in a chair in front of a round table, seemed to be around the same age as Brandon.

The man with shiny blond hair, brown eyes, a frilly dress shirt and dark gray slacks looked like he would be more successful as an actor rather than a mage.

Anton, who had been sitting in his chair, stood up and greeted Callie. “Welcome.”

“Thank you for meeting me.”

“Have a seat. The tea was prepared in time for your arrival, so it must have been properly steeped for drinking.”

“Thank you.”

Anton lifted the teapot and filled Callie’s empty glass.

Perhaps it was because he was a mage, but his movements were elegant as if he were conducting.


After offering Callie tea, Anton brought his cup to his lips and asked, “Why did you ask to meet me?”

How do I bring this up?

Even if he were a mage, if a woman he’d never seen came to him and told him she died once and went back in time, he would probably treat her like she were crazy.

She couldn’t say it easily because she pondered hard on how to explain it in a way that wouldn’t make her sound insane.

“You might find it hard to believe when you hear what I have to say.”

“I’m a mage. There’s nothing hard to believe for me.”

Encouraged by his words, Callie started talking about her predicament.

“I wanted to meet you because I was curious if you had ever seen someone like me. This may sound like nonsense, but I actually died and came back.”

“I see.”

His reaction was different than expected.

Of course, she thought he wouldn’t believe it, but Anton wasn’t surprised at all.

He took a couple more sips from his cup. 

Aren’t you surprised? Even Lisa, my closest friend, thought I was just being sensitive.

“Aren’t you surprised?”


“It’s because even when we don’t know, many unbelievable things are happening in the world. I’m not too surprised whenever anything happens, so let’s talk comfortably about why you came to see me.”

“Someone killed me in a previous life on my wedding day.”

Callie was honest about everything.

Since he was a mage, he had a good poker face. Anton listened calmly from beginning to end. 

“So, the lady escaped being killed on her wedding night, but you worried there’ll be another attempt like that?”


“And you’re saying your husband is your top suspect.”

“It may not be my husband. Poisoning wine glasses is something servants and others can do.”

“But you said your husband kept asking? His expression was suspicious, too.”

“Maybe I felt that way because I was too paranoid. But one thing’s for sure, I don’t think I can live with my husband while constantly doubting him like this.”

She had always planned on divorcing Brandon, but she couldn’t keep living like this until then.

“Then, until then, let me help you alleviate your worries.”


Anton got up from his seat and brought something wrapped in a cloth from where he had put away his magic tools.

“I’ll give you this.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s plates and cutlery that turn red as soon as poison touches them.”

“Thank you for giving me this.”

Callie was grateful, but she wondered why he was being kind.

“By the way, are you normally kind to people you don’t know?”

“A mage pursues interesting things. You’ve just told me you were going through something that anyone in the world would find hard to believe. So, I was also curious how your situation will end.”

“So you’re saying you’ll keep helping me?”

At Callie’s question, Anton shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

“I don’t know if I can be of any help, but I’ll do what I can. Come anytime you need help. I’ll be happy to be of assistance.”

“Thank you.”

Callie returned to the villa with the cutlery Anton gave her.

After Brandon urgently left shortly after they arrived at the villa, he didn’t return for over a week.

The first day or two, Callie thought his work was just taking a bit long. But as the week passed, she started to wonder.

Unlike Hughes Hall, there weren’t many servants, so there was little to worry about. Most of all, it was comfortable because there was less discomfort compared to a large mansion much larger than the Loris residence.


The lake just a short walk outside the villa was lovely, and Callie liked everything, including each tree and the clear sound of birds.

Even so, as Brandon’s absence lengthened, her heart began to feel uneasy.

She spent more time looking out the window and became more sensitive to the sound of the door opening.

What’s going on?

Her curiosity grew as she had more time to think about it.

‘Am I waiting for Brandon? There’s no way. Why am I waiting for Brandon?

When he comes back… I couldn’t resist that night, so I’d end up going through the first night. There’s no way I’d want that!’

And yet, the picture that came to her mind was Hughes Hall, with her sitting on the bed, kissing him.

When her lips touched his, when her burning desire tugged at her lower stomach, and when she rubbed her lips with the tip of her warm right hand… Just like a moment ago, the feeling was still vividly alive.

She wasn’t even in love with Brandon, but to think about doing something like that with him…

Standing in front of the window and looking out toward the entrance to her villa, Callie was taken aback when she realized that she was thinking of Brandon.

Then, she heard a knock.

‘Has Brandon returned?’

Callie stared at the door and gulped.


But when the door opened, it wasn’t Brandon.

“Milady, it’s time for bed. I’ll help you get ready.”


Her face, which lit up with anticipation, dimmed.

“Yeah, okay.”

The next morning.

Callie’s overwhelming thoughts kept her up last night.

She fell asleep later, and when she opened her eyes, it was just dawning.

It was unlikely that she would fall asleep again even if she tried, so Callie gave up and left the bedroom.

The villa, where the darkness had just lifted, was refreshing beyond words.

The clear and refreshing air, the chirping birds, and the rising sun, things she couldn’t see and feel in the capital, made Callie feel like all her worries and concerns that filled her head had disappeared.


It seemed she wasn’t the only one who woke up early in the morning.

Callie moved towards where she heard the horse neighing.

It was still early in the day, and Callie saw a white stallion waking up earlier than the other horses, not paying attention to the surroundings as it made a loud cry.

Even though they were in the same stable, this one was different from the other horses.


Its fur was shiny as if it had just been washed, and his clear, large eyes overflowing with life stood out among the others

Its overwhelming visuals seemed to resemble Brandon.

‘It looks just like you.’

Maybe that’s why Callie wanted to ride this horse.

Shall we take a ride?

Callie cautiously reached out her hand right in front of the horse before slowly stroking its head. Its loud cry stopped, and it bowed its head toward Callie.

“Do you like me? How cute.”

It looked pleased as she petted him.

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