My Husband Changes Every Night Chapter 5

MHCEN Chapter 5


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Chapter 5: The power to charm people

“His Majesty is getting married!”

“What? N-no way, our beloved emperor? T-to whom?!”

“With the princess of Lupeon kingdom who arrived a while ago!”

“Wait a minute! Wasn’t that a rumor?!”

“Right! I heard Aide Jaerim talk about the meals of the distinguished guests invited to His Majesty’s wedding!”

Rumors that the Leonhardt Empire’s emperor was getting married quickly spread across the continent.

The sudden marriage announcement made the empire go wild.

“Has anyone here seen the princess?”

“His Majesty takes special care of her, so he won’t let anyone in except for the maids in charge!”

“O-our emperor did?”

The maid carrying the laundry heard them mention ‘princess,’ and she naturally joined the conversation.

“I’ve only seen the princess from afar, albeit only briefly.”

“What?! Really?”

“What kind of person is she?! I’m curious! Let us know, too!”

“First of all, she has flowing light pink hair that resembled cherry blossoms and green eyes that shone like a forest filled with the energy of life. She’s so beautiful that I thought that if the god, Semula, would be born as a human, they would look like her.”


“But she was so thin that I was worried she might get blown away by strong winds. Even though I only saw her for a few seconds from afar, I wanted to attend to her.”


The excited maid blushed.

“Come to think of it, I’ve recently seen the maids assigned to the princess’s bed-chamber begging the chef to cook high-calorie, delicious food.”

“I understand how you feel. Maybe everyone will understand what I mean when they see the princess.”

With that, the maid left with the laundry in her hands, and she quietly disappeared. 

“By the way, the maid who just praised the princess is Maril, right? She doesn’t like nobles. She’s notorious for being cold even to its host.”

“Right. After her younger brother suffered the nasty incident from the nobleman she served…”

“Wait. Aren’t all the people assigned to the princess’s bedroom highly experienced, but they’ve been looking for easy things?”

“…You’re right! They’d gone through a lot…”

At the same time, an intolerable question appeared on the maids’ faces.

“What kind of person is the princess?”

“Maybe there’s something about her? Like she has the power to charm people or…”

Everyone was happy to hear that someone had appeared to fill the long-empty post of the empress.

The nobles were happy that the empire was finding stability, and the people of the empire were excited about the free bread and soup that would be distributed for the upcoming grand celebration.

Preparations for the wedding went very quickly. Jaerim, the chief aide, took care of the work as if he had waited for this day.

I received dresses, the empress’s palace, and the Damask Palace in the south, which was close to the World Tree, as gifts.

Perhaps because it was where the World Tree last gave the light of life, Damask Palace was splendid and beautiful, with so many flowers and living plants that continued to bloom.

Everyone was astonished since no emperor loved his wife enough to give her the entire Damask Palace as a gift.


‘What’s the point of getting such a beautiful palace! I’ll still live next to the emperor’s bedroom in the main palace!’

Well, as we’d discussed in the past, I decided to stay in the bedroom closest to the emperor’s.

It was the bedroom used by the Empress Dowager, who was no longer there. Unlike where I stayed in the Lupeon Kingdom, it was sunny and well-ventilated.

‘Is this all mine?’

Unlike the days when I woke up because I was starving, I had more days when I fell asleep with a full stomach.

There was also a day when I picked up food and ate it because I felt sorry for the crumbs that I spilled.

‘This is what it’s like to enjoy luxury.’

Everything around me changed rapidly except for me. It was a completely different world from the life I had lived until now.

When I was afraid that I might be enjoying too much luxury, Livanfell, who came to visit me every night, relieved my anxiety.

“Princess, are you going to be satisfied with just this much?”


“I guess you haven’t realized it yet. Now the princess will become the empress of the great empire. It’s too early to be surprised. From now on, the princess will have better things and things that others can’t easily have.”

At this point, I couldn’t help but admit it, “Getting married was the best choice.”

Crazy powers and sacrifices. And a handsome husband with a well-proportioned body.

I averted my gaze, trying not to notice Rivanfell’s chest that my palms were touching.


He must have noticed my discomfort because he raised his eyebrows in mirth and asked, “Princess, are you thinking something strange?”

“Sorry? Who? Are there any other princesses here besides me?”

“Princess Terriella Lupeon.”

“Ah! Me? No way!”

“Your face is red.”

This quick-witted guy.

Livanfell was quick as usual. Anyone would think he grew up vigilant like me when he was young.

An imperial prince! 

…Well, I’m a princess, too, but I grew up keeping my guard up.

“Don’t get me wrong. Even if I had put my hand on another man’s chest, let’s say Jaerim, my face would have turned red.”

The golden eyes that had been shining pleasantly suddenly burned with heat.

“…That’s horrible.”

“What is?”

“Someone will see blood if it’s real. It’s a horrible outcome,” Livanfell muttered calmly, his voice ice old. I felt a lump in my throat when I thought he was being sincere.

Ahem. It would be more comfortable if you didn’t take off your clothes like this every time.”

We’ve already tried it a couple of times in different positions and over his clothes, but all of them didn’t work. t seemed that healing was possible only when divine power was directly injected into the place near the heart, just as it was now.

“Really? I like this better now.”

“Why? You have to take your clothes off every time…”

“Yeah. Why do you think that is?” Livanfell whispered, leaning his upper body in front of me. He was so close that our lips could touch if he turned slightly.

“If you keep doing this… I’m going to sleep before midnight without doing your treatment. You’ll become a drunkard again and lock yourself in your room every night…”

“Don’t worry. I won’t do it if the princess doesn’t like it.”

So if I say I like it, will you do anything?


I bit the inside of my cheek and tried to hold on to my wandering thoughts.

“Rather than that, the wedding’s coming soon. It’s my first, so I’m nervous.”

“Thank God. It was my first time too, so I was worried if I was the only one nervous.”

I never backed down during verbal sparrings, but this guy didn’t, either.



“…If you don’t like the Lupeon royal family attending the wedding, you can tell me. I can, at my discretion, not invite them if the princess doesn’t want to.”

“The Lupeon royal… You mean my family? Why?”

“Because the princess doesn’t want to see the people of that kingdom.”

Look at this. I didn’t say anything, but you’re so quick to notice? 

But I shook my head resolutely. “Your Majesty, what do you mean by that? The Lupeon royal family is my family… They must attend my wedding. I’m holding back from inviting all of my siblings.”

“…Princess.” For a moment, I had the illusion that Livanfell’s eyes had softened. “The princess is so…”

“That way, I can see the members of the royal family die of embarrassment right in front of my eyes. It’s a rare sight that can’t be seen even with money!”


“I have to see it with my own and eyes laugh at them so I can sleep comfortably with my legs stretched out! I’ve been waiting for that day to come, so what are you talking about?”

“…The princess is really strong-willed and wonderful. I’ll never turn you into an enemy.”

“Enemy? Were you thinking of betraying me?!”

“…I need to think about whether there was another reason the Lupeon kingdom sent the princess to the empire.”

Livanfell jokingly shuddered. But the gaze looking down at me was still as sweet and soft as before.

“How can you be so strong?”

“It’s all thanks to my mother.”

“Your mother?”


“Yes. Even though my family was mean to me and harassed me… Mother loved me so much. She taught me how to love myself and not to be discouraged.”

So I could always be confident.

Even if only one person in the world loved me, it reassured me more than hundreds of others would.

“She told me that if someone stabbed me with a sword, it wasn’t my fault but the person who stabbed me. She told me it wasn’t my fault that a few dozen people in this world hate me and that I was a person worthy of love.”

Mother had always been there for me.

「Don’t lower your head. Straighten your shoulders, Terri! You only lower your head when you do something wrong! If you’ve done nothing wrong and are proud of yourself, never lower your head! Terri, you will receive a love so great in the future that you can’t handle it. Mom will give you the world. You trust your mom, right?」

“You had a good mother.”

“Of course, when I was first born, she didn’t even hug me. But when I was about three years old? Apparently, she suddenly changed. I guess it’s because she felt sorry that she couldn’t do much to help me, but I don’t really know.”