My Husband Changes Every Night Chapter 6

MHCEN Chapter 6


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Chapter 6: What Are You Doing? Kneel

The king seemed quite perplexed, not knowing which mood to match.

Because of the chilly atmosphere, my sibling continued to keep an eye on each other. 

“Actually, a few weeks isn’t such a long journey, is it? I heaerd it took the princess took three months to arrive.”

When the emperor mentioned me, the family flinched. 

“The artisans in Lupeon Kingdom must be quite talented. They made the rotten wooden wheel run for three months.”

“Y-Your Majesty.”

“It’s a compliment. You should be happy.”

“Y-yes. T-thank…”

“If you get a chance, I want you to teach the empire that technology. I would’ve expected it to fall off the carriage and the cliff. To think, that carriage kept moving.”


“Rather than that, did you want to show off your technical skills in the kingdom? Seeing how the princess was put on a carriage like that when she was sent to the empire.”

The longer Livanfell spoke, the more the king’s face turned white.

“I’m asking just in case.”

“Y-Y-Your Majesty.”

“If not to show off your technical skills, don’t tell me you sent the princess in a carriage with rotten wheels that’s almost about to fall off?”



“…You didn’t send the princess because of that, did you?”

The king closed his eyes, as if he had finally learned why Livanfell had been devastated by his unreasonable logic.

“Oh my. I guess my prank didn’t go well again. There’s no way the kingdom sent the princess without confirming its safety.”

“My, my negligence…”

“if that’s the case, it’s not just the princess you’re neglecting, but the future empress and the empire,” Livanfell sneered. 

The atmosphere was absolutely arctic. No one was quick to step out.

“I think this is enough hospitality.”

Livanfell looked around as if in warning to the royal family. His gaze wandered around my family for a long time before returning to me.

“Since you want to have a party with your family, whom you haven’t seen in a while, I’ll step aside.”

Relief that they remained alive bloomed on the faces of the king and my siblings. When he saw them relax, Livanfell frowned.


Livanfell deliberately wrapped his arm around my waist as if to show off. I should have gotten used to it by now, but the unfamiliar touch made me flinch.

“The princess will soon become the empress.”

Apparently noticing my discomfort, Livanfell gently removed his hand from my waist and only the tips of his fingers remained in contact.

“After the wedding a few days later, she will be an empress who no one dares to look at. So.”


“In my absence, you should think of the princess as the empress of the Great Empire and serve her. Very politely.”

After Livanfell finished speaking, he met my gaze. He seemed to have a lot more to say, but I could see he was trying to swallow it, so I smiled brightly.

It’s okay, so leave this to me.

“Father. And sisters and brother!”


My family, on the other hand, was overcome with a terrifying sense of dread.

Even when I was a neglected princess, I behaved recklessly, but now that I was the future empress of the empire and gained power, so it was a natural reaction.

“I was really looking forward to seeing you… So much!”

I welcomed my family with a gleeful smile.

Father, the king, left, saying he wanted to talk with Livanfell about a political matter, so I brought the rest of my family to the Damask palace.

It was obvious the king would talk about useless dribble about forming an alliance or something now that we’re becoming family.

Before following Livanfell, the king warned my siblings not to touch or talk to me until he returned.

“Hey, are you really marrying the emperor?”

But my stupid brother couldn’t follow the king’s order.

“Where is Karajan oppa?” I ignored Lucenia’s words and started looking for Karajan.

Karajan really was my family, so I sincerely wanted him to attend the wedding.

Oppa couldn’t come because he hasn’t finished investigating the epidemic yet. Since there were more casualties than expected, the clean-up is taking longer.”

If he heard the news of my marriage, he would be the one who would run to me even if he had to throw away a lot of things, but seeing that he couldn’t come, it seemed that the situation was more serious than I thought.

“Terriella. What happened? Are you really going to be the empress?”


“…Why are you so surprised when you sent me to marry the emperor? You thought the emperor would kill me, so you’re disappointed you received a wedding invitation?”

“Do you think it makes sense?! You, the empress of a great empire…!”

“Nothing’s impossible. That’s what I’ll be soon… Do you still not understand what’s going on?”

I arrogantly crossed my legs and rested my hand on my chin.

“Do you have anything else to say to me?”

Even if I gave them a chance, my family kept an eye on each other and kept their lips shut as if they had made a promise.

‘Yes. It’s always like this.’

Even after years of bullying me.

Even after making a mess of me, they always pretended they didn’t know or do anything, shut their mouths and turned away.

You guys always made a fool of me.

“That…It was all part of our plan.”


“Yes! Think about it. If we hadn’t sent you here, could you have become the empress? At that time, when you said no, if we hadn’t forced you to go, you would still be eating leftover bread crumbs!”


“Is that so? I thought I was sent to die alone in a foreign country.”

“Hey! You should thank us. Where else would you find siblings who’d share such a good opportunity?” Leria patted me on the shoulder as she boasted as if I had become better thanks to her.

All these conversations and actions were observed by the maids and knights stationed in the Damask Palace.

‘Have these idiots forgotten that this is my palace?’

No, no. They hadn’t forgotten. Caution just wasn’t ingrained in their heads.

They didn’t feel the need to be careful with me. They never thought that the maids in this palace would take my side.

Until now, I was like a stone my family would kick on their feet. They didn’t even need to care.

“…If you’re going to say nonsense, at least decorate it with sincerity.”

“What? What did you say?”

It was a moment when I realized once again how ignorant an idiot who grew up in peace without war or crisis thanks to the Continental Agreement.

“Well, yes. If my sisters and brother were smart, they would have already killed me before I grew up and became empress. It’s not that I get beaten every time in the Lupeon Kingdom… I don’t want to get blood on my hands because you’re royal, and my head is starting to hurt. Do you want me to die of hard work?”

“Are you crazy? Do you really want to die?!” Lucenia threatened me and added, “Since you think you’re becoming the empress, you can’t see anything anymore, can you? Did you forget that you haven’t gotten married yet?”

“Do you have anything else planned?”

“What do you think father is doing right now?” Lucenia sneered. “Father went to persuade His Majesty to appoint another child as empress instead of you.”


You have gone to do something really stupid.

“Even His Majesty the Emperor would prefer a recognized princess than someone like you.”

“I don’t think so, but… if that’s what you think, then what can I do? You’re free to think, so do as you like.”


‘This is why it’s such a scary habit.’

Look at this. Even when you couldn’t understand the subject and should be crawling and begging, instead, you bark.

It was ridiculous because they got caught in a small provocation that was so obvious and made their own plans.

Even if I didn’t have to say it, it was clear what my siblings were thinking.

With such shameless faces.

“Then did you come here with a plan to kill me?”

“Ha. Now you know. Are you scared?”

It was too obvious. There was only one reason for my family to come together and move in unity like this.

“Until now, when I was living in the Lupeon Kingdom, even though there were times when I was harassed, you never directly tried to kill me… Is it because I will no longer be a member of the Lupeon Kingdom after I get married?”

“Nonsense. You were never part of our family from the beginning. Don’t try to sneak in.”

They were still steadfast in their blunt words.

No one ran to me to apologize. No one said they were sorry, they were wrong, and they regretted the possibility of me dying after selling me.

That’s probably why our relationship became so distant.

“Since my siblings don’t seem to consider me family first, I don’t have to consider you family anymore.”


“You know because you grew up with me for decades. That I’m the one who gives back when I’ve been hurt.”

“What nonsense…”

At that time, a servant from Lupeon Kingdom, who had followed the king, entered the drawing room. He seemed to have come to deliver the king’s letter.

“Terriella. You’re finished.”

“Hmm. Don’t regret it later. Read it first.”

I clicked my tongue with a pitiful expression on my face. Lucenia oppa‘s face turned white as he opened the letter sent by the king and read it with vigor.

“Why? Did things not go as well as you thought?”

It was obvious even if I didn’t read it. 


Livanfell asked me to marry him not because he lacked power or because he needed a woman. It was because he needed the divine power I have. No other person has it other than me.

“W-what is this…”

“Then why can’t you grasp the situation? Did you forget what His Majesty said earlier? He told you to serve me as the empress of the great empire. What could that mean?”

“W-why the hell… Why with a kid like you…”

“It means he has no intention of welcoming anyone other than me as his empress.”

The family still looked puzzled. It’s understandable that they couldn’t get used to it because I’d become a completely different person from a few months ago.

“If tomorrow is bright, I’ll tell His Majesty that you’re planning to kill me.”

“W-what nonsense are you on about?! When did we try to kill you?!”

When their plan didn’t go as planned and went wrong, embarrassment passed over their faces.

“T-Terriella, do you think anyone would believe such a lie?!”

“A lie, you say. Everyone here has seen and heard it.”

Leria unnie’s face turned pale.

“Just a while ago, Lucenia oppa said with his own mouth, ‘Now you know,’ didn’t he?”

“You… You…!”

“Could it be that this place still looks like Lupeon Kingdom? Do I look like the princess of Lupeon who couldn’t do anything?”


“Why don’t you realize reality? This is my palace, and the people here are not the people of Lupeon palace who ridiculed and belittled me.”

“You… You…!”

“You should have kept your mouth shut. I thought the fools who told their victims everything about their plan only existed in books… Ugh.”

No one in the family spoke because it must be the first time they’d ever heard me say this.

It’s the first time you’ve been treated like this since you’ve been reigning in the Lupeon Kingdom and living without fear of me.

“What if His Majesty found out about today? You’ve heard rumors about His Majesty, haven’t you?”

“You… How did you do this…!”

“But thinking of the bond we had as a family, I’m only going to give you one chance.” 

“One chance?”


I smiled prettily at the despairing family. 

“The one who kneels in front of me first and apologizes. I will forgive only that one person.”


“Blood is thicker than water, and knees are lighter than life. Don’t lose everything you have to protect your pride… Sisters and brother.”

I carefully met the eyes of my family.

“What are you doing? Kneel.”

As soon as I finished talking, my selfish siblings, who couldn’t find the slightest bit of family love, pushed each other and ran, saying they would kneel first.

These are really stupid siblings who grew up in comfort.

‘If you think about it for a second, you’ll realize I won’t tell this to the emperor. Why would I turn a family quarrel into a fight between countries by talking to Livanfell?’

My selfish family didn’t even consider that because they were too busy wanting to live.

I clenched my chin and watched silently as they fought each other and pushed themselves into the fire pit, telling them to die on their behalf.

“Me! I kneeled first!”

“No! It’s me! Save me! Look at my pants! They’re dirtier!”

I opened my lips when I stared at my siblings on their knees.

“I didn’t know you wanted to apologize to me like this… Then.”


“Can you express how sorry you are? For example, dance.”

Goal achieved.