You Can Keep the Male Lead


You Can Keep the Male Lead

Written by 라닐슨생

When I opened my eyes, I’ve become a bride in a pure white wedding dress.

Erin Spilet.
I’ve possessed a villain in the novel who has a vicious reputation.

With a deep expression, the man who’s my husband kept making eye contact with another woman, the heroine of the novel.
What are you two doing at someone else’s wedding?

‘What’s so good about this guy?’

But then, someone approached me, a supporting actor and uninvited guest that no one cared about.

“Would you like to stay here or go outside?”

To me, standing stupidly without shoes, the prince in the novel presented new shoes. How sweet.

“I don’t think I need to stay any longer since the ceremony is over.”
“Wise judgment.”

He extended his hand gracefully and I took it.

Heroine, I’m giving you the hero, so you can have him.

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Character List

Erin Spilet
The only daughter of the Spilet family and the current head of house. The villainess in the novel.

Rupert Clifford
The heir of the Duke of Clifford and Erin’s husband. The hero in the novel.

Prince Enoch Dwell Rikephoros
Crown Imperial Prince of the Calix Empire. The second male lead in the novel.

Chloe Verezian
The daughter of Baron Verezian and a relative of the second prince Breiman. The heroine in the novel.

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