Please, Divorce Me


Please, Divorce Me

Written by 데미지

It was the first time I had ever seen a man cry so pitifully.

At his friend’s funeral, I fell in love with him at first sight and proposed a contractual marriage.

“Please, marry me, Your Grace.”

Even knowing that he loved the wife of a dead friend.
I thought that his heart, weathered and worn over the years, might turn to me. How foolish.

“Don’t get me wrong, Your Grace.”


“I’m crying because I feel sorry for what I’ve been doing for years.”

Kyle Harace, a war hero, the man I married. At a young age, he became the head of a noble family.
He, who rarely lost composure, looked broken.

You could actually make such a face because of me.
I didn’t have any lingering feelings for him, but I felt a little refreshed.

“Please, divorce me, Your Grace.”

I’m going to forget everything and move on with my new life.
A life without him.

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